Through a combination of experience and innovative strategy, Ellaine Carr and Associates provides U.S. employers with high quality foreign workers. There are a number of employment visas Filipino and other foreign nationals might qualify for, many of which have the additional benefit of allowing you to bring your spouse and children with you to the United States.

Types of employment visa possibilities might include:

  • B-1: Temporary business travelers and Domestic Help
  • E-1 & E-2: Foreign nationals conducting trade in the U.S.
  • H-1B: Professionals who work in a specialty occupation.
  • H-2B: Temporary, seasonal work
  • J-1: Au Pairs, Camp Counselors, Interns, Physicians, Trainees, and Teachers.
  • L-1: Company transfers.
  • O-1: Foreign nationals in the arts or business with extraordinary ability.

The team at Ellaine Carr and Associates is here to help you pursue your career goals within the United States. Upon contacting our firm we will take the time to answer all your questions and evaluate which visa option is best for you. Our team will then be here to provide you with guidance and support throughout the entire visa process.

Know Your Rights

Foreign workers in the United States have nearly identical rights to American workers. The team at Ellaine Carr and Associates has a strong history of representing foreign nationals within U.S. domestic law. As a foreign worker in the United States you are entitled to, at minimum: a safe workplace, minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay, and a workplace free from discrimination and sexual harassment. If you feel your rights have been violated, we encourage you to contact our legal team.