Yes, Ellaine A. Carr is authorized to practice US immigration laws in the United States and its territories outside of the US. The US immigration law allows any US licensed attorney in good standing to practice US immigration law. Ellaine Carr is a member in good standing of the New York bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

In Texas, Ellaine Carr only accepts and handles US immigration cases. In New York, Ellaine Carr handles immigration and state law cases.

We handle all types of immigration cases from family petitions to removal defense and asylum cases. We are also experienced in business and employment visa applications such as H-1B, H-2B, J-1, EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, E-2, investor visa, O, and religious visas.

Ellaine Carr has been practicing immigration law since 2009 in the United States. She has filed more than a thousand applications over a decade. She has extensive experience in immigration applications from family, business to removal defense.

Our payment plan is simple. 50% upon signing of retainer agreement and the balance of 50% shall be paid prior to submission of immigration application. We do not offer monthly payment plan at the moment. Client will pay for courier services and filing fees separately. You can pay using paypal or by mail.

Paypal payment. We will send you an online invoice to pay online.
By mail. Please send payment to Ellaine Carr, PO Box 624, Huffman, TX 77336

Please send an email to Please provide your full name, address and contact number. Please give a brief detail of

your immigration inquiry. You may opt for in person, phone or skype consultation.

Yes, Ellaine Carr charges $100 for consultation. If you decide to hire her, you will be given a $100 credit towards your lawyer’s fees.  The consultation fee for in person, phone or skyoe is $100. Upon payment online, you will be scheduled for appointment

We make our decisions to refund based on the time and amount of work spent on your case. Filing fees for applications not submitted will be refunded to our client in full.

No. Ellaine Carr does not guarantee success of your application. She guarantees she will do her best in representing her client.

No. Ellaine Carr cannot and does not guarantee the time a client receives the decision on her application. Ellaine Carr can give an estimation of the processing time.

Yes, we will require a small amount of fee for electronic file and $0.25 per page for hard copy. We also bill for postage in mailing the copy
to you.

If you wish to request for a copy of your file, we charge $150 for electronic file. Please email to make this request.

These fees do not include the filing fees and courier fees.

Employment Based (EBs) $5,000
H-1B $2,500
H-2B $2,500 main application (depending on no. of applicant)
J-1 $2,500 per applicant
Dependent $500 each dependent
EAD application $500 per applicant

TN visa $2,500
F-1 $2,500
Change or extension $1,500

E-2 visa $5,000
Dependent $500 additional

Fiance visa $2,500
For family petition $1,500
With Adjustment of Status $1,500 additional
Adjustment of status alone $2,000
245 (i) $3,000
Interview appointments $500 per applicant
Asylum application $3,500 per applicant. $5,000 per family

U or T visa $3,500
VAWA $3,500
TPS $1,000

Waivers $3,500

Removal defense
Bond hearings $3,000
Cancellation defense $10,000
Adjustment defense $5,000
Voluntary departure $2,500
Other reliefs $3,000 to $5,000

BIA Appeal $5,000